2012 Carbon Capture and Storage and EOR in Texas Workshop

A workshop on "Carbon Capture and Storage and EOR in Texas" sponsored by Chevron was held at Chevron's Houston office for 48 students and one professor visiting from the University of Stavanger. The students were all in their final (3rd) year of a petroleum engineering program at the university. The goal was for the students to receive an introduction to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), as well as Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS), in the Gulf Coast region of the United States.

In addition to opening talks by Chevron, STORE members Jon Olson (UT Dept. Pet. and Geosystems Eng), Hilary Olson (UT Institute for Geophysics) and Vanessa Nuñez-Lopez (UT Gulf Coast Carbon Center), as well as graduate students Precious Williams and Li Ji (UT Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering), gave a hands-on workshop on CO2 Injection for Geological Storage (activity originally developed by Dr. Steve Bryant). In the afternoon, the group was hosted at Denbury Resources' Hastings field office where Vanessa Nuñez-Lopez gave an overview of her monitoring program at the Hastings Field. Denbury Resources personnel then led a tour of the field itself, discussing the various components of this CO2-EOR project.