UNFCCC Technical Workshop on Modalities and Procedures for Carbon Capture and Storage

In September of 2011, Dr. Katherine Romanak of STORE presented a talk on groundwater at a technical workshop in Abu Dhabi, which made important progress toward allowing support for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the UN Framework on Climate Change. Ninety-one delegates from 33 countries and an array of expert organizations attended the workshop from September 7-8. Presentations informed the UNFCCC Secretariat who was preparing options in a negotiating text for Parties in Durban.

In accordance with decision 7/CMP.6, paragraph 5, the UNFCCC secretariat conducted this workshop with technical and legal experts in order to consider the submissions made by Parties and admitted observer organizations on this subject, as well as the synthesis report prepared by the UNFCCC secretariat, and to discuss how the issues referred to in decision 7/CMP.6, paragraph 3, can be addressed in modalities and procedures.Visit the UNFCCC webpage to see Dr. Katherine Romanak's presentation on Groundwater Protection, as well as other presentations.