IEAGHG Summer School

CPGE Co-hosts 2014 IEAGHG CCS Summer School at The University of Texas at Austin

The Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering is excited to co-host the IEAGHG CCS Summer School at The University of Texas at Austin, July 6-11, 2014. The summer school aims to provide students from diverse academic backgrounds with a broad understanding of the issues surrounding carbon capture and storage, and encourage their active participation in this area. The summer school lasts for one week and includes presentations, hands-on activities and discussion groups led by international experts in the field of CCS. In addition, the students are divided into teams to undertake short research activities on issues of importance within the CCS area, with a presentation to their peers at the end of the week. Time is also allocated for networking and for informal discussions with the assembled experts. Students leaving at the end of the week will have developed a network of contacts in the field of CCS and will have gained a broad overview of the issues surrounding technology development and implementation in CCS.

The Role of Computation in Protecting the Environment

Teachers participating in workshop

The Role of Computation in Protecting the Environment - Teacher and Student Workshop

On July 9, 2013, High school teachers and students, as well as undergraduates, were invited to attend “The Role of Computation in Protecting the Environment,” a one-day workshop co-sponsored by STORE.

The workshop featured engaging and interactive hands-on activities, many of which can be translated to the classroom and are tied to Texas and national curriculum and educational standards. Special opportunities were presented to participants, for example, examining subsurface cores at The Bureau of Economic Geology and Skyping with a researcher in the field.

Teachers and students had the opportunity to engage in discussions with university faculty and researchers on laboratory and field experiments, mathematical modeling and large-scale parallel computation as applied to the environmentally important carbon storage problem.

Tip Meckel: Introduction to Geologic Carbon Storage Lecture

You can watch a lecture by Dr. Tip Meckel of the Gulf Coast Carbon Center delivered on April 8, 2013, highlighting energy flow, geologic carbon storage, Gulf Coast Carbon Center's field programs, enhanced oil recovery, potential of offshore storage.

The lecture was originally presented as part of PGE 382 curriculum at The University of Texas at Austin and is available through their mediasite here.