STORE Feature - Inferring migration of CO2 plume

Inferring migration of CO2 plume using injection data and a probabilistic history matching approach

S. Bhowmik
S. Srinivasan (STORE Team Member)
S.L. Bryant (STORE Team Member)

June 2011 -- Large-scale implementation of geologic carbon storage (GCS) will require reliable techniques for monitoring the movement of the CO2 plume in the subsurface. The movement of CO2 plumes beyond the region permitted for storage will be of particular interest both to regulators and to operators. However, the cost of many monitoring technologies, such as time-lapse seismic, limits their application. Given that injection data (pressures, rates) from wells are readily available and inexpensive, we examine whether they can be used as a viable alternative for monitoring and predicting plume migration.