STORE Discusses Carbon Capture and Storage at the Petroleum Engineering Club of Dallas

STORE member Vanessa Nuñez-Lopez (Bureau of Economic Geology) presented a talk on Carbon Capture and Storage at the end-of-year meeting for the Petroleum Engineering Club of Dallas on December 2, 2011. The lunchtime meeting was held at the Petroleum Club of Dallas and included 60 members of the club.

Vanessa's presentation was entitled "Carbon Storage for Commercial Enhanced Oil Recovery" and focused on an introduction to carbon capture and storage technology, as well as her research at Hastings Field, south of Houston, operated by Denbury Resources.

Deborah Hempel-Medina (Williams), program chair, invited the talk based on our interaction with her at the Energy, Climate and Water in the 21st Century symposium STORE organized in Dallas in 2010.

View Vanessa's presentation in .pdf format

Paper by Nuñez-Lopez et al, 2007 on "Quick-look assessments to identify optimal CO2 EOR storage sites" published in Environmental Geology.