STORE Contributes to RINGOs Meetings


Dr. Katherine Romanak, of STORE and the Gulf Coast Carbon Center, and Erin Miller, graduate student at The University of Texas at Austin, attended the RINGOs meeting on Tuesday morning (Nov 29). Dr. Romanak is an expert on carbon storage and monitoring. Erin is working on potential Miocene storage offshore Texas in the Gulf of Mexico for her masters degree.

The RINGOs meetings include observers from Research and Independent Non-Governmental Organizations. Marilyn Averill, one of the chairs of the meeting, reminded attendees that the group does not advocate for particular positions, rather, the group's task is to ground the negotiations in sound science. Accordingly, a RINGOs statement covering broad technical topics is presented the last day in the high level segment. Katherine Romanak and I will be on the committee to draft the statement and she will contribute information on discussions pertaining to carbon capture and storage during the meeting.