'Modalities and Procedures for CCS' Text Receives Preliminary Approval

We are excited to learn that the text of the Modalities and Procedures for CCS to be incorporated in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) were approved in Durban on Wednesday of this week (12/7/2011). The Carbon Capture and Storage Association reports that "The final decision text will be forwarded to the final plenary session later this week for adoption by the Parties although this is expected to be a formality. This is an important official recognition by the UNFCCC of the role of CCS in global climate change and sets an important precedent for the inclusion of CCS into other financing and technology support mechanisms. The Modalities and Procedures also establish the rules for managing CCS projects in developing countries that are supported by UN climate finance."

Many organizations and people have worked tirelessly over the last several years to make this happen. We await news at the end of this week for formal adoption by the Parties.