UT-Austin at COP21 / UNFCCC Paris

STORE Joins UT to Host Prestigious Side Event at the COP21 in Paris

The team from The University of Texas held a side event on December first to discuss the first year of carbon capture and storage (CCS) at Boundary Dam, the world’s first full-scale CCS project on a coal power plant; 19 years of CCS in the North Sea region; CCS policies; EU pilot projects; and new project collaboration opportunities at Boundary Dam and in offshore storage open to developing countries and CTC (Climate Technology Centre and Network). Organizer: University of Texas at Austin Co-organizers: CO2GeoNet, Carbon Capture and Storage Association, and the IEAGHG.

For more information on the side event, please visit: http://cop21.co2geonet.com/. The information can be accessed by clicking the "+" symbol under the date.

University of Texas and STORE team members will be on hand throughout the entire conference to answer questions regarding The Universities energy research initiatives.