Gulf Coast Carbon Center and STORE Host Japan CCS Co., Ltd. in Austin

September 21, 2012

STORE Research and Tech Transfer and Outreach: Exchange on Research and Outreach with Representatives of Japan CCS Co., Ltd.

Along with the Gulf Coast Carbon Center, STORE helped host visitors from JCCS (involved in the Tomakomai Project), to exchange ideas on research, tech transfer and outreach related to CCS.

Agenda and discussions:
10:00-10:10: Greetings and Introductions

10:10-11:00: Overview of Japan CCS Co., Ltd. and CCS Demonstration Projects in Japan (focusing on Tomakomai Project)
Aramaki and Ohkawa

11:00-12:00: Overview of Cranfield Project (Surface Monitoring)
Katherine Romanak – Process based method in gas and marine
Changbing Yang – Groundwater


13:00-14:00: Overview of Cranfield Project (Geophysical Monitoring)
Tip Meckel

15:00-15:45: Other Topics
Jiemin Lu – Risk Management
Hilary Olson – Outreach and Tech Transfer opportunities

15:45-16:00 : Wrap-up / Adjourn

JCCS Representatives: Satoshi Aramaki, Manager, Environment and Regulation Group and Shiro Ohkawa, Manager and Senior Geophysicist, Technology and Planning Department

STORE Presenters: Dr. Katherine Romanak, Dr Jiemin Lu, Dr. Changbing Yang, Dr. Tip Meckel, and Dr. Hilary Clement Olson