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Advances in CO2 Injection and Storage in Geologic Formations (GEO391 Course at UT Austin)

Advances in CO2 Injection and Storage in Geologic Formations is a cross-disciplinary, project-based course for students covering new technology for greenhouse gas emissions reductions.


The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
GEO391 (unique number 27140)

fall semester, 2010
fall semester, 2011


2011 Rio Grande Valley Science Association Annual Conference

The Fall 2011 Rio Grande Valley Science Association Conference was attended by over 500 teachers from across the Rio Grande Valley, October 7-8, 2011, at PSJA (Pharr-San Juan-Alamo) North High School in Pharr, Texas. STORE provided the opening speaker and several workshops for the conference, highlighting energy sources and challenges, as well as carbon sequestration.

Dr. Jon Olson of STORE spoke at the RGVSA Conference on Friday evening.Dr. Jon E. Olson of STORE was the featured speaker for the Friday night (October 7, 7pm) opening of the conference at PSJA North High School. His presentation, Energy Sources and Energy Challenges, reviewed this country’s energy usage and what role it plays in our way of life. There was some light-hearted quizzing to assess the audience’s energy IQ. Fossil fuels and alternatives were compared. Technologies for climate mitigation, namely carbon sequestration and the use of CO2 in enhanced oil recovery methods were also presented. The latest headline in the news, hydraulic fracturing for shale gas, was briefly discussed in the context of its impact on water resources and the potential for earthquakes. Finally, the opportunity for energy careers in petroleum and geosystems engineering was discussed. The lecture was free and open to the general public.


STORE Partners with TXESS Revolution for "Energy, Climate and Water in the 21st Century" Summer Institute

In collaboration with TXESS Revolution, STORE provided instructors for a two-week professional development workshop for K-12 teachers at The University of Texas at Austin on Energy, Climate and Water in the 21st Century.

STORE discussed various energy resources, water monitoring and climate change mitigation technologies (carbon sequestration) at the workshop, June 13-25, 2011.


STORE Education: Monitoring CO2 Storage in Geological Formations

On April 8, graduate students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas San Antonio attended a talk by STORE member Dr. Katherine Romanak at the Environmental Science and Engineering CE 6221 Graduate Seminar on her work in the Southeast U.S. Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership in Cranfield, Mississippi.