CO2 Injection for Geological Storage Activity

Students completing co2 storage activityThis activity allows students to examine the CO2 emissions from three fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) from several countries. Students learn to calculate CO2 emissions of various fossil fuels, look at the emissions per capita and per GDP, and discuss the impact on carbon emissions reduction for various scenarios.


Many in the geological carbon storage (GCS) arena are hopeful that the recent acceptance of carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the clean development mechanism will accelerate the implementation of new CCS projects around the world. Engineers and scientists trained in disciplines dealing with the deep subsurface will be needed to implement these carbon storage projects.


In 2009, we initiated a program funded by the United States Department of Energy to increase workforce capacity for the GCS industry. One of our completed deliverables is the development and utilization of inquiry-based GCS teaching materials, CO2 Injection for Geological Storage, to cross-train professionals at workshops, to educate undergraduate and graduate students as part of a formal university curriculum and to provide professional development for pre-university science and math educators. (source: CO2 Injection for Geological Storage: A series of activities for training professionals and educating students in geological carbon storage; Hilary Clement Olsona, Steven L. Bryant, Jon E. Olson, Iona Williams, Energy Procedia,

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