What to do with CO2 - Decision-making using the Wedges Activity

GirlTalk at Ursuline AcademyWe have used the Stabilization Wedge Game (developed by the Carbon Mitigation Initiative at Princeton University) and adapted it for numerous groups. The world's carbon emissions keep increasing. This game takes the projected increase for the next 50 years and slices it into equal wedges. You have to get rid of these wedges. And to do that, you have options from various technologies, such as fuel efficient cars, carbon sequestration, nuclear power.



Activity Materials:

presentation (7.6M pdf)

activity (2.6M pdf)

policy cards and policy cards with lines

supporting documents:

Carbon Mitigation Initiative at Princeton University, teacher's guide (CMI website with most current version)

article by Socolow and Pacala, 2006, from Scientific American describing the wedge concept

wedges game board

wedges pieces (red and yellow, green and blue)


Links to scientists working in Geological Carbon Sequestration

Dr. Tip Meckel, Geologist at the Bureau of Economic Geology: YouTube video highlighting Dr. Meckel's work with the Cranfield Site as part of work by the Gulf Coast Carbon Center.

Dr. Sue Hovorka, Geologist at the Bureau of Economic Geology: professional website

Dr. Katherine Romanak, Geologists at Bureau of Economic Geology: professional website, STORE (including a short video of Dr. Romanak) website

Overviews of Carbon Sequestration

YouTube video with an overview of carbon sequestration by Dr. Steven Bryant, Dept. of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin



Materials Available for Students to Discuss Different Primary Energy Sources

An excellent set of resources is provided by the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED). Their website has .pdf files for various primary energy sources, which you can download and pass out to your class (http://www.need.org/curriculum).