The overall mission of our Alliance for Sequestration Training, Outreach, Research and Education (STORE) is to promote better understanding of CO2 sequestration science and engineering technology. Our efforts are helping to create a skilled workforce for the CCS industry, and fostering the public understanding required to advance the United States in its energy security and its leadership position with regard to climate change mitigation technology.

Effective transfer of knowledge and technology to the workforce will yield reduced costs, improved industry efficiency, increased CO2 storage, accelerated implementation of CO2 projects and enhanced environmental compliance for the nascent CCS industry. STORE is housed at the Gulf Coast Carbon Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

With initial funding from DOE/NETL, STORE’s scientists and engineers, affiliated technologists and communication specialists are focusing on four primary objectives aligned with the needs of the emerging CCS industry: (1) Sequestration Workforce Training; (2) Public Outreach; (3) Research and Technology Transfer; and (4) Workforce Pipeline Education.

Please contact us about:

Field trips on CO2 storage and CO2 EOR (e.g., 2010 IEAGHG Monitoring Network Mtg Field Trip to Cranfield Site)

Workshops in your area (see our upcoming training opportunities)

Distinguished lecturers (society meetings, universities, teacher meetings)

Public outreach events (museums, schools, expos)

Teacher (secondary) professional development (energy and climate themes)

University workshops (undergraduates, graduates, professors)