STORE at the Annual AAPG Meeting

In conjunction with the AAPG annual meeting in New Orleans in April, Tip Meckel, Sue Hovorka, Katherine Romanak, and Stuart Coleman of BEG's Gulf Coast Carbon Center and STORE led a premeeting field trip (April 9-10, 2010) to Natchez, MS, hosted by Denbury Onshore LLC.

Larry Lake and Hilary Olson of STORE provided additional educational resources on EOR and CCS, and Bob Holt from the University of Mississippi provided information on groundwater monitoring. Fred Walsh, Ken Cameron, and Shane Kelly provided information on Denbury's activities in the region.

Twenty-three field-trip participants observed the geologic carbon-storage-monitoring activities taking place at Cranfield field associated with large-volume CO2-EOR. Highlights of the trip included a tour of Denbury Resources' gas-separation facility, venting of CO2 from a flow line at an injection well, viewing of core of the injection and confining zone intervals of the Tuscaloosa Formation, and viewing of the monitoring instrumentation designed and operated with funding from the National Energy Technology Laboratory and collaboration with Sandia Technologies, LBNL, ORNL, USGS and LLNL. BEG research at Cranfield, part of the Phase 3 SECARB regional partnership program in sequestration managed by the Southern States Energy Board, has effectively monitored a million-ton injection with diverse methodologies.