Petroleum Systems Analysis

Activity: Petroleum Geology - Petroleum Systems Analysis
It takes many special circumstances to convert “typical geology” into an oil reservoir. The set of circumstances can be described as a petroleum system. We are going to look at an example from West Texas to illustrate the different components required for successful hydrocarbon accumulation.
Students will learn how to: identify components of a petroleum system and examine the importance of timing for the events that make up a petroleum system.

Presenter: Iona Precious Williams
Graduate Research Assistant, MS Degree Candidate, Department of Geosystems and Petroleum Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

Background: Ms. Williams received her B.S. in Geosystems Engineering and Hydrogeology from UT Austin in 2005. After working as a high school math teacher for two and a half years, she returned to graduate school to continue research in rock mechanics and petroleum engineering. She graduated from the Science Academy at LBJ High School in Austin, TX in 1998.

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