Midwestern Governors Association Delegation, Houston, Texas

Midwestern Governors Association Delegation, Houston, TexasThe Midwestern Governors Association (MGA), in partnership with the Great Plains Institute (GPI), the University of Texas’ Alliance for Sequestration Training, Outreach, Research and Education (STORE), Denbury Resources, Southern Co. and the Southern States Energy Board (SSEB), organized a public-private regional delegation to Texas and Mississippi during September 27-30, 2011 to focus on commercial enhanced oil recovery using carbon dioxide for tertiary production, or CO2-EOR. The delegation visited commercial CO2-EOR operations and received expert briefings about technical, economic, project development, and environmental aspects of EOR and about successful policies and public-private partnerships that have helped expand the commercial CO2-EOR industry in the Gulf Coast region, including opportunities for using this technology for storage of CO2. STORE contributed a workshop (presentation links on our website) on Wednesday, September 28, at the Houston Research Center, which included presentations and viewing of Frio cores.

Briefing on CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery hosted by University of Texas’ Alliance for Sequestration Training, Outreach, Research & Education (STORE)

8:55 am
Welcome and introductions
Dr. Hilary Olson, Director, STORE, Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin

9:00 am
Technical introduction to EOR, including industry overview with emphasis on Texas and research and development in support of CO2-EOR and CO2 capture and storage (view slides)
Dr. Larry Lake, Professor of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

Patti Petersen-Klein & LarryLake

Dr. Larry Lake of STORE demonstrates water-drive and gas-drive with Patti Petersen-Klein, Executive Director of the Kansas Corporation Commission.

10:20 am
Oilfield geology and EOR operations, including CO2 capture and pipeline transport, environmental impacts and benefits of CO2-EOR (CO2 storage, monitoring, and accounting) (view slides)
Dr. Sue Hovorka, Principal Investigator, Gulf Coast Carbon Center, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin

Sue Hvorka at the Midwestern Governors Association meeting 2011

Dr. Sue Hovorka of STORE discusses Frio cores, EOR and carbon sequestration before a field trip to Denbury's West Hastings Field.

11:10 am
Overview of key state and federal incentive and regulatory policies with a focus on state policy in Texas (view slides)
Darrick Eugene, General Counsel, Texas Carbon Capture and Storage Association

Project developer perspective on federal and state policies for deploying CO2 capture and pipelines for EOR: the example of the Texas Clean Energy Project (coal gasification facility to produce electricity and urea for fertilizer)
Laura Miller, Director of Projects, Summit Power Group

Laura Miller - 2011 Midwestern Governors Association Meeting

Laura Miller, Director of Projects, Summit Power, discusses the Texas Clean Energy Project.


Gregory Kunkel - 2011 Midwest Governors' Association Meeting

Gregory Kunkel, Vice President, Environmental Affairs for Tenaska, discusses carbon capture and storage development activities.


Denbury Group

The Midwestern Governors Delegation visits West Hastings Field operated by Denbury Resources.