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Industry Feature - NETL's Carbon Capture and Storage Database - Version 3

June, 2011 -- NETL's Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Database includes active, proposed, canceled, and terminated CCS projects worldwide as a layer within Google Earth. This is a great tool for use in training, outreach presentations and educational programming.

NETL Google EarthAccording to NETL, "The CCS Database provides the public with information regarding efforts by various industries, public groups, and governments towards development and eventual deployment of CCS technology. As of April 2011, the database contained 254 CCS projects worldwide. The 254 projects include 65 capture, 61 storage, and 128 for capture and storage in more than 27 countries across 6 continents. While most of the projects are still in the planning and development stage, or have recently been proposed, 20 are actively capturing and injecting CO2."

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**Note: as of 1/12/14, the NETL Carbon Capture and Storage Database is in Version 5