Geospatial Technology Monitoring of Climate and Environmental Change

Activity: Using Geospatial Technology to Monitor Climate and Environmental Change at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize
Learn what geospatial technology is, and see how it is being applied by EMGI college students to monitor the fragile environment of a Caribbean island. The class of 20 students has completed 2 trips; see and handle several types instruments used to collect the raw data. They have established a baseline of salinity, erosion and deposition, trash buildup and other pieces of the environmental picture of change occurring at Long Caye, in Belize.

Presenter: Diane Brownlee
Director, Ellison Miles Geotechnolgy Institute (EMGI)

Background: Ms. Brownlee received her Engineering Geophysics BS from Colorado School of Mines. She attended Broomfield High School.

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