A Day in the Life of a Petroleum Engineer

Activity: A day in the life of a petroleum engineer: managing the planet's oil and gas resources in a time of heightened environmental awareness
There are many different ways to generate energy, from burning wood to splitting uranium atoms. We will talk about these different types of energy and where they come from. To make it fun, we will divide into teams to solve problems related to energy supply and demand and test your energy awareness.

Presenter: Jon Olson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

Background: Dr. Olson specializes in how rocks deform when subjected to tectonic or man-induced stresses. He has a PhD in Geomechanics from Stanford University, and BS degrees in Earth Sciences and Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. Before moving to UT-Austin, he worked 6 years at Mobil Research and Development in Dallas. He went to Marshall Senior High School in Minnesota.

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